Most used types of ads

  • Sklik - PPC ad

    Sklik is an advertising system where the advertiser pays for clicks on its ads. The ads are displayed on all pages of search results after entering the key word in the Czech Republic’s most popular search engine.

  • Company Database ( is a service that combines fulltext search, subject categories and region for searching through the largest database of companies on the Czech internet.

  • Banners and Video Ads

    Large display ads and video ads which are appropriate for enhancing awareness of the brand.

  • Real-time bidding (RTB)

    Real-time bidding is an automated method of buying advertising inventory with the possibility of targeting specific audiences. Advertising inventory is bought on a per-impression basis via an automated instantaneous auction. You can look at the product list for overview of available placements in RTB.

  • Direct mails, PR articles, contests etc.

    Original solutions for special promotions.

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